Revolutionised Online payments

Simplify & Boost Your Payment Processes

We simplify, secure and streamline online payments by using a streamlined payment deferral process. We’re committed to revolutionising the existing purchasing process by reducing unnecessary overheads in eCommerce platforms, with a focus on both business and consumer stores.

B2B Payments B2C Payments

An easy way to buy-on-behalf. IBuyUPay provides a payment deferral pathway built directly into your eCommerce store.

With a single click, a buyer can request someone else to pay for their order, whilst you rest easy as the busy work of follow-up, approval and reconciliation is handled under-the-hood. With IBuyUPay, pass-on payments can be managed as easily as any other method.

How It Works

Streamlining payments

IBuyUPay takes the pain out of pass-on payments through a unique payment deferral and tracking process. We do this by allowing your customers to checkout as they normally would and allow a third-party to handle the payment.

1. Your Customer Places An Order Online

They're given the option to nominate a seperate payer for their order. They must provide an email for their nominee, and can enter in a message as well.

2. A Third Party Reviews, Approves & Pays

The nominated payer will receive a customised email with the full order and customer details, along with a one-time link allowing them to approve and pay.

3. The Order Is Placed and Tracked Along The Way

It will be released from holding and fully processed and tracked, with invoices and receipts automatically generated for maximum traceability.

Our Features Take It Beyond Pass-On Payments

Streamline your systems store-wide with a huge suite of advanced automation options, all of which can be customised and applied to any order or payment method.

Allow customers to easily place orders online

Auto-email a specified accounts email address

Auto-generated pdf invoices

Easy online approvals and payments

Auto-populate and restrict the approval field on checkout based on configuration

Payment confirmation and receipt emails

Order release upon payment

Auto-triggered follow up notifications

Auto-expiry and stock release

Built To Work With All The Big Players

IBuyUPay works with a number of eCommerce platforms and the list is growing every day. Our application allows you to offer your customers a streamlined ordering process and removes unnecessary administration overheads.

Can’t see your platform on the list? Don’t worry, reach out to us and we can work with you to get this implemented, hassle free.

Hundreds of Use Cases Suited To Every Industry

Business To Business(B2B)

Simplify The Procure to Pay (P2P) Process

Automate Requisition Requests

Keep Payments to One Account

Untangle Approval Knots

Order Staff Lunches When Working From Home

Streamline Payment Tracking

Easily Purchase Stationary and Office Supplies

Business To Consumer(B2C)

Allow Kids to Order and Parents to Pay

Share Payments with Friends and Family

Purchase Food for Friends and Family

Assist Others When They’re Overseas

Make Payments for Elderly People

Keep Track of Shared Purchases

Pain-Free Budget Management